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Isn’t it amazing, when teams have to go through rigorous training, physically psychologically and spiritually just to assemble Twenty-two (22) men to chase a ball around till after a set time, points, goals, and head-to-head, to mention a few determines which team is fit to proceed at the threshing floor.

This game called football wields power, positively and negatively depending on why when where and who influences the outcome.

No wonder the governing body Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)
strongly deters government from directly interfering with affaires of her member Associations.

The just ended AFCON 2021 assembled the continents best players; however, tails of the minnows sent the high and mighty for an early shower to grace their pillows, then comes the irony of the favorites, wining all group games just to be eliminated in the next game, and the demon that sends title holder parking, was in reminiscent to say, “if you want to BamBa and chill with the big boys, you don’t run kititi and run katakata”, you come with carefully carved strategy for every stage of the compitition.

As always it ended in tears for some and elated the spirit of other nations. Records were set in both ways. But the highlight of it all was that the final teams had stars who graced the galaxies with humility in service as team members and not celestial beings.

Faith in the process won the ultimate diadem, while instant gratification took some teams back to the black board with previous note unrevised, I guess one doesn’t need a seer to tell it will result in a polish on dirt outcome.

In it all the continent witnesses a spectacle especially the Yaoundé debacle which shattered the dreams of host and win campaign and settling the debate between the Indomitable and Taranga loins. Now we know whose roar scared their prey.

Officiating had it fair share but I will say we have come far, the prospects are good, although the our football has gone soft, players were protected with the introduction of the VAR. Kudos to all the officiating ministers especially adding and allowing a lady reverend(ref) to officiate a communion service. Yes, Football is a religion.

The God of Football has decided. Congratulation to the host nation, the participating teams, the winner and sponsors, in it all I say African won.